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Prize Distribution for the Cross Country Running on The World Ozone Day@ CMC

On account of awareness about Preservation of the Ozone Layer and Conservation of Water, CMC management organised a Cross Country Running among CMC Cadets and Staffs on September 7, 2019. For that Event, The prizes were distributed to the winners of that Cross Country Running on September 16,2019 - THE WORLD OZONE DAY (The International Day for the Preservation of Ozone Layer) @ CMC Parade Ground. CROSS COUNTRY RUNNING - WINNERS & PRIZE DETAILS: STAFFS: Mr.Mohammed Arif M - I st Place - Rs.2000 Mr.Dinesh Gobinath - II nd Place - Rs.1500 Mr.ArulMurugan - III rd Place - Rs.1000 STUDENTS: Deepak Kumar (Bsc 18) - I st Place - Rs.2000 Antrose (B.Tech 19) - II nd Place - Rs.1500 Abhinav Puresh (Bsc 18) - III rd Place - Rs.1000