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Campus Visit from Perks Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Coimbatore at our CMC Campus

 On (Dec 04, 23) at our CMC  , "Students along with their teachers Mr. M. Shajahan, Department of Tamil , Mrs. C. Aarthi Anushiya, Department of English, Mrs. L. Akila, Department of Economics from Perks Matriculation Higher Secondary School,Coimbatore" visited our campus. Totally  03 Teachers and 67 students visited our campus. The visitors received a warm welcome. After that at our CMC Mess Hall, Our Faculty Mr.Hemanand   delivered the  introductory speech about our campus and also about the Marine Industry & Marine Courses. After the refreshments, The Visitors were sent to the Campus Tour. There our Staff & Cadets instructed the visitors and explained about our Campus.