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Placement - D' Amico Ishima Shipping Company On 03/09/18

Posted on: 05-09-2018

We are pleased to inform you that 10 of our Cadets from BSc Nautical science Dept have been selected by D' Amico Ishima Shipping Company on 03/09/18.

Please see the list of Selected Cadets below :

  1.     Prince Mathew
  2.     Salil Ihsan
  3.     Harish Chandrasekaran
  4.     Sobharaj T R Titus Reena
  5.     Abhilash Puliyakarttil
  6.     Muhammed Nijas
  7.     Anthony Shabu Antony Adimai
  8.     Silamparaasan Ravichandran
  9.     Sathish Kumar Manilkam
  10.     Akshay Mohan P