Coimbatore Marine College
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T.S Clarissa

Ship Ahoy! Real time Ecosystem- T.S Clarissa to offer hands on experience!

TS Clarissa, the ship in campus is a five storied ship which was conceived with the intention of giving students a real-time experience into the workings of a ship. Designed and built on a real life model the ship in campus, TS Clarissa is the first of its kind in India and one of the best in the world.

The ground, first and fourth floors all have built up areas of over 20,000sq. ft. while the second and third floors have over 30,000sq. ft. of space each. Each floor of the ship in campus is dedicated for a specific purpose.

Ground Floor:

This floor houses the administrative office, staff rooms, and a conference hall. The main engine room which has over 2,100 operational units of main and allied aux machinery including an electrical generator, aux boiler, and systems is also on this floor.

First Floor:

This floor comprises mainly of classrooms with individual computers connected to the main server and a digital library.

Second and Third Floors:

These two floors are devoted to classrooms with individual personal computers connected to the main server.

Fourth Floor:

The floor houses a full mission maneuvering bridge and engine room simulator. These two full mission simulators replicate all machinery equipment in the bridge and engine room of any modern vessel and are interconnected to recreate a complete and realistic ship environment.